7th Grade Core Classes

7th Grade SupplyList 2016-2017


7th Grade Science at Lexington Academy

The seventh grade Science curriculum at Lexington Academy is an encompassing approach to the storied history of “Life on Earth.” Students will build a sequential understanding of the processes that created matter, energy, the universe, Earth, life, evolution, and ultimately extinction. Focusing on topics in Chemistry, Earth Science, and Biology; students will become prepared for the anticipated eighth grade Regents Earth Science curriculum.

The seventh grade curriculum is a hands-on, inquiry based experience that fulfills the expectations of NYS Science Scope and Sequence, as well as NYS Common Core learning goals. Students will build on prior scientific knowledge by examining intuition through observation and experimentation.The goal of the curriculum is to increase science literacy by establishing a thoughtful, consistent, and rigorous approach to learning.

In 7th grade science, students will be able to:
1. Identify questions that can be answered through scientific investigations.
2. Design and conduct scientific investigations.
3. Use tools and techniques to gather data and information.
4. Develop descriptions, models, explanations and predictions.
5. Think critically and logically to connect and cite evidence and explanations.
6. Communicate scientific procedures and explanations.