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6th Grade Midwinter HW

6th Grade Science Midwinter HW

Welcome Back Letter

6th grade supply Lists 2017-18

August 2017

Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s),

The Lexington Academy Middle School Welcomes the Class of 2020!

A special 6th grade orientation has been planned for you on August 31st, 2017! The purpose of the orientation is to familiarize you and your child with The Lexington Academy Middle School. This is a wonderful time to seek answers to your questions and reduce the natural anxiety that can exist as your child transitions into middle school. The orientation will also provide you and your child opportunities to network, including exchanging contact information with other parents/students to form relationships.

Date: Thursday, August 31st, 2017
Location: The Lexington Academy
131 East 104th Street (between Lexington Avenue and Park Avenue)
Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Refreshments will be served)

The core 6th grade team of teachers will be on site to answer any questions you may have. We will review curriculum including: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Graphic Art, Social Studies, Shared Inquiry, Drama, Music, and Physical Education.

Other items of discussion will include:
• School calendar with important dates/events
• Uniform (onsite ordering)
• Schedules
• Vaccination requirements
• Lunch Forms
• Parents’ roles & responsibilities
• Students’ roles & responsibilities
• Routines and procedures
• Extracurricular activities
• Home-School connection

We look forward to seeing all of our middle school scholars and their families at the orientation!

Educationally yours,
Mr. A. Hernandez,

6th Grade Science at Lexington Academy

The sixth grade Science curriculum at Lexington Academy is an introduction to a
multitude of topics. The areas of instruction include Physical Science, Life Science,
Earth Science, and Socratic Seminar.

The sixth grade curriculum is built on NYS Science Scope and Sequence, essential
questions, NYS Common Core learning goals, formative and summative assessments,
and research on effective teaching and learning practices. The goal of the curriculum
is to increase science literacy within all students.

In 6th grade science, students will be able to:
1. Identify questions that can be answered through scientific investigations.
2. Design and conduct scientific investigations.
3. Use tools and techniques to gather data and information.
4. Develop descriptions, models, explanations and predictions.
5. Think critically and logically to connect and cite evidence and explanations.
6. Communicate scientific procedures and explanations.

6th Grade English Language Arts at Lexington Academy

In sixth grade English language arts students will engage with a variety of shared texts on multiple levels, including close reading with annotating; small and whole class discussions of
texts; and drafting written analyses of varying lengths about them. A strong emphasis will
be placed on questioning authors’ craft choices to determine their reasons for writing a
particular text and their effectiveness in achieving such goals. Students will analyze
literary texts for character and thematic development as well as what such texts reveal
about an author’s position on social issues. Students will also engage with nonfiction
informational and argument texts to determine to learn about historical and contemporary
social issues and determine an author’s stance on the issue they are writing about. All text
analyzed will serve as mentor texts to guide students in authoring their own texts of the
same genre.

The curriculum encompasses all of the Common Core State Standards for sixth grade
English language arts. Discussion practices are rooted in the time honored traditions of
Socratic seminar and will follow protocols outlined in the Junior GreatBooks curriculum.
Writing instruction will be delivered in a workshop style adapted from Teachers College
Reading & Writing Project curriculum. Reading instruction is based upon a variety of
established, and research supported, best practices. Assessment results, both formative
and summative, will drive instruction in order to best support the needs of all learners.

6th Grade Social Studies at Lexington Academy

Sixth grade social studies focuses on Ancient Civilizations of the Eastern Hemisphere. Students will not only learn about civilizations of the past, but they will also learn important critical thinking skills to facilitate a deeper understanding. There will be a particular focus on reading and analyzing primary and secondary sources so that students can critically think about the past and how it relates to the present and future. Students will be expected to read and write about articles given throughout the course. Vocabulary will also play an important role throughout the year so it is important for students to consistently study and understand all vocabulary given throughout the course.

6th Grade Mathematics at Lexington Academy

Sixth grade mathematics is comprised of three distinct but interrelated components: fluency with numbers, problem solving and exemplar work. Scholars will be learning with and from one another in partnerships, small groups and whole group settings. Scholars will be using skills from prior years to formally explain mathematical problems in which they explain the type of problem, ways to solve the problem, difficulties when solving the problem and be able to answer other scholar’s questions.