The Arts

The Lexington Academy is proud to provide a solid and well rounded foundation in the arts preparing our students with creative constructive thinking skills as well as the ability to see the world through the beauty of the arts.

The Blueprint provides a standards-based rigorous approach to teaching
the arts. It gives New York City’s students the opportunity to delve deeply into these subjects, while giving their teachers the latitude to create an instructional program that demonstrates student learning over time and in varied dimensions.
More importantly, the sequential study of art, music, dance, and theater will help students achieve both a vocation and an avocation. Their ongoing work will enable them to apply for advanced study or for jobs in the arts-related industries that are so important to the economy of New York City. It will also provide them with a source of lifelong enjoyment as they become the future audience for the arts.
The Blueprint is a result of an exceptional collaboration between educators from the school system and representatives from the arts and cultural community of New York City. It motivates students to go beyond the walls of the classroom and encourages them to take advantage of the rich resources available across New York City in museums, concert venues, galleries, performance spaces, and theaters.
We are delighted to introduce the New York City schools to this powerful way of teaching and learning in the arts, and look forward to a future filled with artists, designers, musicians, dancers, actors, directors, and more—all New York City public school graduates.

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