Visual Art

Lexington Academy is proud to offer academic classes in the visual arts during the school day.  Students take part in a range of enriching activities which build their creativity taking it to the next level.  Students learn to utilize a variety of art materials and techniques while learning about famous artists/artworks and interpreting these styles into their own work.

Fine Art

Graphic Design

Art Resources


 Five Strands of Arts Learning

I. Art Making
The art-making strands indicate what students should be able to accomplish at the
end of benchmark years: second, fifth, eighth, and twelfth grades. These charts provide
“snapshots” of the learning process—the skills, knowledge, and appreciation that should be mastered in selected areas and how these are honed as students mature.
II. Literacy in the Visual Arts
Visual Arts has its own vocabulary and literacy, as well as its own set of skills that
support learning across the curriculum. For example, the careful observation of a work
of art resembles the close reading of a text—one that includes making observations and
drawing inferences. The Visual Arts provide students with inexhaustible subjects about
which they may read and write, as well as engage in accountable talk.
III. Making Connections
This strand provides social, cultural, and historical contexts in which students may
understand art, while indicating some links to other disciplines in the curriculum.
Students are expected to apply knowledge and skills learned in the art class to assist
them in interpreting the world around them.
IV. Community and Cultural Resources
New York City is rich in community and cultural resources. Students should be actively
engaged with the institutions, schools, studios, community-based organizations,
libraries, exhibitions, and artists that contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of
the city. These resources are integral to the development of young artists, expanding their horizons and enhancing the instruction they receive in school.
V. Careers and Lifelong Learning
While some students will pursue careers in an art-related field, most will regard art as
a means of expression and a source of lifelong enjoyment. The career-building skills
learned in art activities are those required in all other fields of endeavor: goals setting,
planning, and working independently and in teams.