The Lexington Academy is always happy to welcome new students to our community. We follow the standard New York City Department of Education protocols when it comes to registering.

How to Register & Where to Go

Elementary & Middle School

Students with a zoned school, including those with a NYC Individualized Education Program (IEP), may register at their school. A zoned school is a neighborhood school for all students who live in a designated area. Each Community Education Council (CEC) sets the zone boundaries.

Your zoned school is determined by your home address. If you don’t know your zoned school, call 311 or visit If you don’t have a zoned school, visit a local Borough Enrollment Office.

Students with a non-NYC Individualized Education Program (IEP) should visit one of the Borough Enrollment Offices. An IEP documents a student’s eligibility for special education and describes services to address the student’s unique educational needs. Students with more restrictive or specialized needs may also visit a Committee on Special Education (CSE) location. For more information, including CSE locations, call 311.
For more information on enrolling in Elementary School, visit here.

For more information on enrolling in Middle School, visit here.

Already Enrolled?

If your child is already enrolled in or assigned to a New York City public school, visit your child’s school for assistance.
                                                                           What to Bring
Please bring your child with you! Also, bring the following documents for your child:
☐ Birth certificate or passport
☐ Immunization records with a copy of your child’s latest physical.
(You can now download the Child Physical Form)
☐ Latest report card/transcript (if available)
☐ Individualized Education Program (IEP) and/or 504 Accommodation Plan (if applicable)
☐ Proof of residence; any two of the following:*
• Utility bill (gas or electric) in the resident’s name (National Grid, Con Edison, or the Long Island Power Authority); must be dated within the past 60 days
• Water bill for the residence; must be dated within the past 90 days
• Original lease agreement, deed, or mortgage statement for the residence
• Current property tax bill for the residence
• Official payroll document from an employer [example: payroll receipt]; must be dated within the past 60 days
• Document or letter from a federal, state, or local government agency indicating the resident’s name and address [example: document from Internal Revenue Service (IRS), City Housing Authority, the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS)]; must be dated within the past 60 days
* If you are not the leaseholder of your residence, you must submit a Residency Affidavit (located on page 20